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Review Day 2

Before we jump into today's lesson, let's review what we learned. Similar to yesterday, let's practice debugging this script

Can you figure out what the error is and also how to fix it? 

Lesson: Loops

Please watch this video from one of Juni's favorite instructors, Kara!

Best Practices

  • Have a repl.it file open while watching the video
  • Press pause as you work to replicate the code Kara is going over
  • Watch the video twice to: (1) understand the content and (2) replicate the code

Day 3


Good job for getting through all three lessons! Now, let's get started on today's project.

Project #3:

Part 1: An important part of programming is refactoring your code. Refactoring means editing your code to make it as clear and efficient as possible. Now that we have learned about loops, please go back to your last two projects and update your code to use loops when possible. 

Part 2: Please create a project on repl.it that draws one of the three graphics below using Python with Turtle. Please use loops in your code. 

Note: When creating the new repl.it file, select "Python with Turtle" and not "Python" for the type of project.




For homework, please show your project to a friend or family member and explain to them how you programmed it!

When you're ready, jump to the next part of our Bootcamp, or visit our Blog for more coding tutorials.

Want to learn more code from a live instructor?

Juni Learning teaches the next levels of Python in both private classes and group settings. Right now, we're offering discounted classes to help families as best we can. To discuss how we can best support your family's learning, please book a call with our Admissions Team.