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Setting Up

We are so excited for your first day of Juni's Python Bootcamp!

To get started, you will need to create an account at https://repl.it. Repl.it is the program where we'll run our Python scripts. Below are the steps to create an account. 

  1. Go to https://repl.it and click on the sign-up button.
  2. Create a username, password and provide your email. 
  3. Once an account is created, repl.it will ask you a few questions. Here is an example of the answers for those questions. 

If you get stuck, please refer to repl.it Quick Start Guide.

repl.it setup

Create your first coding file

The last step before jumping into your first lesson is to create a coding file. Below are the steps to create one. 

  1. Click on the +new repl. This is in the top right corner
  2. For the language, type in "Python with Turtle". Please make sure you select "Python with Turtle" and not just "Python". 
  3. Name the file with your first and last name_day1. Example: jamessmith_day1. 

This is where we will type our code! When we want to run the code, we can just click the button that says Run.

Lesson: Getting started in Python

Please watch this video from one of Juni's favorite instructors, Kara!

Best Practices:

  • Have a repl.it file open while watching the video
  • Press pause as you work to replicate the code Kara is going over
  • Watch the video twice to: (1) understand the content and (2) replicate the code

Day 1


Congratulations! You've written your first line of Python code! 

Project #1: Please create a project on repl.it that draws the following shapes using Python with Turtle.

  • rectangle
  • triangle
  • pentagon
  • arrow
  • star
  • bonus points: a smiley face

After each shape you draw, please use the clear function [nameOfTurtle.clear()] so you can add all the shapes into one file. Please review the clear function used in this script (line 16).

For homework, please show your project to a friend or family member and explain to them how you programmed it!  

Want to learn more code from a live instructor?

Juni Learning teaches the next levels of Python in both private classes and group settings. Right now, we're offering discounted classes to help families as best we can. To discuss how we can best support your family's learning, please book a call with our Admissions Team.