Announcing Juni's Coding Camp! This accelerated, online program brings the best of both worlds: our top-tier instructors and award-winning Python curriculum.


Become a Python coding whiz in just 5 days

Limited spots available - registration will close once capacity is reached.

Our new online coding camp empowers kids 11-18 years old to jumpstart their Python coding skills, all from the comfort of home.

Every day of camp, campers will attend 3 hours of online classes with a live instructor, who will check campers' work, help debug code, and assign campers' new material. Also, campers can share their work and discuss related questions with other campers. 

Every Juni Camper receives:

Foundational Python Skills

Learn from our proven curriculum with structured learning objectives. 

Master Project

In an engaged group environment, with a dedicated top-tier instructor.

15+ class hours

60+ hours of content

Open access to over 80 videos and projects for you to dive into at your own pace.

With only 4-6  students per instructor, your child will get quality attention and guidance. 

Small Classroom Size

Showcase your creativity and mastery—build a final project with all your new skills!

Online Coding Camp for Kids

Limited spots available - registration will close once capacity is reached.

Juni Coding Camp is centered around our introductory course for coding in Python. While our regular courses typically take 2+ months to teach Python, this intensive coding camp will cover Python fundamentals in ~1 week

Our Introductory Python curriculum focuses on the following concepts:

What are Python fundamentals?

By the end of camp, students will have built complex computer-generated art and games in Python. 




Conditional Statements

Event Listeners

Looking for more of a challenge, or just want to preview what's ahead? Check out our full library of curriculum and courses!

Stay tuned as we will be adding more camp weeks into the summer!

Limited spots available - registration will close once capacity is reached.

Our 5-day online camp for 3hrs each day : 

Coding Camp Sessions

6/15 - 6/19 @ 8am PT | 11am ET

6/15 - 6/19 @ 10am PT | 1pm ET

6/22- 6/27 @ 8am PT | 11am ET

6/22- 6/27 @ 10am PT | 1pm ET

7/13- 7/18 @ 8am PT | 11am ET

7/13- 7/18 @ 10am PT | 1pm ET

7/20- 7/25 @ 8am PT | 11am ET

7/20- 7/25 @ 10am PT | 1pm ET
7/27- 7/31 @ 8am PT | 11am ET

7/27- 7/31 @ 10am PT | 1pm ET

8/3- 8/7 @ 8am PT | 11am ET

8/10- 8/14 @ 10am PT | 1pm ET
8/10- 8/14 @ 8am PT | 11am ET

A Typical Camp Day

15 min

Welcome to class!

Warm up your brain and jog your memory by reviewing yesterday's lesson.

45 min

Working Time

Go through the curriculum at your own pace. Your instructor will be there to answer any questions and review your work.

15 min

Group Check-In

Discuss as a group about the most interesting things you've learned, and your progress so far.

15 min


Refresh your mind by taking a short break.

60 min

Working Time

Continue to work through projects or lessons.

30 min

Closing Show & Tell

Share the projects you're working on, and what you learned throughout the day.

3 hours of learning and guidance from a live instructor

Camp Tuition


Discounted Program (Save $345)

Regular value of $670 for 15 hours of class


(Save $345)


Limited spots available - registration will close once capacity is reached.

Juni Learning is an award-winning online Computer Science and Mathematics academy that offers private, online courses to students from ages 8–18. Juni instructors attend top 50 universities in the US, and bring deep technical knowledge and a passion for teaching the bright minds of our future.

“My son absolutely loves Juni. All of his instructors have been phenomenal and the program has really fostered his passion for programming. I highly recommend the program!”

—Jyothi Das

What parents are saying about Juni

“My 10-year-old daughter learned Scratch and moved on to Python. She looks forward to her class every week. I love that her teacher is female, modeling where my daughter might be in 10 or 15 years.”

—Pam Jones

“ Juni Learning has been the best option for my 13yo son who wanted to learn Python.

My son has mastered introductory Python over the last few months and it’s been an absolute joy!

—Lisa West

Juni Learning is rated Excellent on Trustpilot

Meet Juni Learning

Is this Coding Camp online?

Juni's coding camp is 100% Online. To have the best experience, all campers are required to have internet connection, a PC or Mac computer, and access to Zoom. A few days prior to your camp start date, Juni's onboarding team will send you instructions on how to get set up with Juni Learning Portal and Zoom.

Who is this camp for?

This camp is for beginning coders, ages 11-18, who want to accelerate their Python learning.


What if my child already knows some Python?

Unfortunately, we do not have any camps available for advanced coders. However, we recommend registering for one of Juni's monthly plans! Please contact our Admission team or visit Juni's website

What concepts does this camp cover? Can I see your curriculum?

Our Python fundamentals course focuses on Loops, Variables, Functions, Conditional Statements, and Event Listeners. You can view our curriculum in detail on our website.

What happens after I register?

Juni will send you an email confirming the camp session you enrolled in, and when the kick-off email will be sent to you. A few days prior to the camp start date, we’ll also email you with instructions to set up your Juni Learning Portal.

How do we use the Juni Learning Portal?

Each day, campers will log into Zoom and meet their instructor and then log into Juni Learning Portal. They will progress through our structured curriculum by watching video-based content and then applying learned concepts by working on projects. During any time in class, an instructor will be present to answer any questions and give guidance as needed. If you have questions or need assistance, please ask your instructor or contact us at

How long will my child have access to the Juni Learning Portal?

During camp, students can access the Portal 24/7, and continue to work on projects or supplementary lessons outside of camp hours. Once camp ends, students will no longer be able to view new content. But, they will always have Portal access to their completed projects!

My child cannot attend the camp session I registered for. Can I change my camp session?

Yes, you can change your camp session up until the third business day prior to the start day of your camp. For example, if your camp starts on April 13th, we can change your camp session if you contact us by April 10th. Please contact our support team at, or call us at (650) 263-4306.

Can I get a refund for my camp session if my school reopens?
Yes, you can get a refund for your camp session up until the third business day prior to the first day of camp. We will be able to give you a refund. Please contact our support team at

Is the class session and time I choose at registration guaranteed?

In the case that your selected session and/or class time are not filled by the start date, we may contact you to reschedule your Coding Camp.

I can’t access the Juni Learning Portal—what should I do?

Please contact us at, or call us at (650) 263-4306.

My child just finished the Coding Camp. What happens next?

After a camper submits their final project, Juni will send an email with the following:

2020 Juni Coding Camp FAQs

  • Calendar link to schedule the assessment call to discuss your child's progress
  • Fast track for your child to skip to a more advanced Juni Python course